Brandy and Tom's Engagement

Welcome to a sneak peek of Brandy and Tom’s engagement session. For me this wasn’t just another engagement session. Let me fill you in..

Brandy and I have been friends longer than I can even remember, but if I had to give it a timeframe I’d say roughly a quarter century (EEK). We spent a lot of our most impressionable and important years together; all of middle school, learning to navigate those terrible teenagers years, boyfriends, and of course breakups. We were there for the best and the worst of it. Brandy’s family is my family and I always loved spending the weekend at her house. I think I may have spent more time at her house than my own some years. We ended up at different high schools but never lost our connection or friendship. As we grew older our time together wasn’t as frequent and now as adults with lives and families of our own, we mostly just text. But, regardless of how much time passes without seeing each other, or between texts, it will always be like no time has passed at all. Those are the friendships you hold onto in life, they really are hard to come by.

So as you all now know, I’ve been around for a few of the people Brandy has had in her life. In our younger years we were pretty protective of who we “allowed” to date each other. If the other didn’t approve, it kind of just ended there. So having rejected a few people in the past it makes me so happy to see someone in her life who fills her heart and life the way your forever person should. I guess it’s obvious at this point, I approve of her choice in Tom. Together they have created a beautiful family and a life that they should be proud of.

This engagement session was amazing. We stopped at the Wadsworth Mansion for a few photos and headed over to the Wadsworth Falls, which happen to be some of my favorite images, ever!

I am so happy for Brandy and Tom. I can’t wait for their wedding next year! Congrats you crazy kids!

Post Holiday Reflections

It is always amazing to me how much preparation and time goes into getting ready for all the winter holidays. The decorating, the shopping, the celebrating and spending time with friends and family. Then POOF it’s over and life slowly goes back to normal.

I find every year that the holidays come and go quicker than the last, and despite all my efforts to keep on top of everything, my posts seem to get pushed to the back burner. So since I didn’t get to post many of the holiday sessions before now, so here are some of the great memories made this past year at the Visits with Santa Sessions! Hope to see you all again this year when the big man comes to town!!

A windy day on the hill

A couple weeks ago I was able to reconnect with a childhood friend in Wickham Park. It was a chilly fall day, and quiet windy.

We had spent countless hours/days together in our younger years, all through middle and high school, and then as life happens so does distance. We lost connection for many years outside of social media. Photography has given me the opportunity to not only make new connections, but reconnect old ones.

It was amazing getting to meet her husband, and son who is already such a little man. It always amazes me how much time changes some things, and some other things never change at all, like the ease of chatting with an old friend even though its been a decade since you’ve seen each other in person. Life is amazing.

Here are some of my favorites from Ashley’s session.

Autumn in New England

If you grew up in New England, you likely know all about the fall here. It’s beautiful. The weather is cool and comfortable after what often feels like the “hottest summer ever”. The trees paint the roadsides amazing shades of red, yellow and orange. Everyone seems to have a smile on their face and a cup of something warm in their hand. It is easily my favorite time of the year.

This month has been so full for me in many ways, but as we draw the month to a close I am able to look back on all that has happened and smile with the joy the month has brought me. One of those times was getting to capture some special moments for this family. Mae just recently turned 2! She is a doll. Her spirit is so alive and infectious. She spent the hour we had together laughing and reminding me how amazing life really is. The excitement of an airplane going overhead, or what might be living in the hole in the tree. It was all so wondrous to her, and her to me. I am so grateful her family found and chose me to capture their genuine love and silliness. Here are a few favorites from their session.

Mother's day Minis

Well, I know this post is a few months late, but lets face it, life is busy. If anyone knows that, it's Moms. This past Mother's day I had the opportunity to take some photos for a few different Moms and their families, it was wonderful. I know how rare it can be for Moms to take time to do something for themselves, so I hope these photos are a special treat for them. Here are just a few from the Mother's day session.



Welcome Grayson

So many amazing changes this year that I haven't been able to keep up. One of those changes was a personal favorite of mine. My nephew Grayson joined our crazy family in April and he is just the most precious addition. 

I am so thankful to have been able to capture some of his first days as well as his newborn photos. Here are a few of my favorites. 



Molly and Joe

Lets talk about one of my favorite topics for a few minutes. LOVE! That's right, that mushy, gooey, can't help but smile when looking at you kind of love that people turn their noses to and say "get a room". That's my kind of love. I just, well, love it. Molly and Joe have that kind of love and I couldn't be happier they have chosen me to capture it. 

Sometimes in life you find people who are just the perfect balance to one another. They compliment each other in ways they never knew they could. It is simply beautiful to see. 

Here are a few of my favorite images from Molly and Joe's engagement session back in April. I am simply ecstatic to capture their upcoming wedding next May. 

Spring has sprung!

I feel like I have been off the radar for some time. I have been busy with newborns and spring min sessions! This past month I held my Spring inspired Easter mini sessions in my home studio. The Santa décor was removed and replaced with all things spring, even the Easter bunny came to visit! Here are some shots from the sessions!


If you missed out on this one, don't worry! There will be plenty more mini's to come. 

And then there were 4...

Welcome to the world little one! This sweet boy was so precious, just ten days new. I will always feel honored to capture some of the first pictures in a baby's life. They grow and change so quickly, these moments are so important. I'm not sure big sister was too impressed though. Congratulations to this beautiful family on growing by two feet! 

Santa, I KNOW HIM!

I can't believe it's already February. The holidays came and went in the blink of an eye this year. I had the privilege of doing Santa sessions last year, and I am already excited to do them again this year. There is just something so magical about the holiday season and while not every child was completely convinced that I actually managed to get the real Santa to take time from his busy life and come to visit, seeing the eyes of so many children sparkle and light up at the sight of him made my job that much more amazing. 


Here are a few images captured during the visits with Santa. 

Family is everything!

As we all know, time is irreplaceable. It is fleeting, and the older we get the faster it seems to go. Sarah and I became friends several years ago while working together and I recall the day she went from mom of one, to mom of two. That was over 7 years ago. Seriously?! Where has the time gone? I was so grateful when I was asked to do some fall photos of Sarah and her family this year. Its amazing to see how her boys have grown and yet its like her and I are still our 7 year prior selves. 



Welcome Baby Olivia

It is ways special when I get to photography newborn babies, even more so when they are family. A few months back I was fortunate to do a maternity session for my cousin who would soon be welcoming her first child, Olivia. She is a sweet, sassy little love bug. She will fit in the family perfect! Welcome aboard Olivia!

Zoey is turning 1!!

Among the many special moments that happen in the first year of a child's life, their first birthday is once of the most precious. Today I got to capture Zoey's cake smash. While she may not be turning one until this Saturday today was a great day to practice for the party by eating (and wearing) some cake. The weather was perfect to be outside getting frosting everywhere, even between her toes! Happy Birthday Zoey!!

Baby Toohey

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Jeff and Ashley Toohey's maternity session. They are expecting they new addition in just a few short weeks and I am so excited for them! We went to Harkness Park and enjoyed some time in the sun. This also happens to be a special place for Jeff and Ashley as it is where they got engaged. Here are a few of our favorites from the session.

Congrats to the parents to be!!  

And so it begins...

Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my new site. I am so excited to start this adventure and take the next step to living my daily dream. I am quite the day dreamer and often find myself thinking "off task" about what I would rather be doing. Often, that thought leads me to my desires regarding photography, and the things I wish to accomplish.

I am so excited to be on this path and to be following my heart. Thank you to those who have supported me and who believe in me. I look forward to sharing many posts with you all. Stay tuned!